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My Friends
SunnySunny is one of my long-running friends, having known him for +7 years. He thinks I hate him but I actually try hard not to disappoint him (and manage to do it anyway.) Sometimes hard to talk to, but he still makes an effort to make sure I am well.
A member of the SpedGunch Server.
LukaBut we call her Lulu. She's a fellow hamster fan/hiki. She seems to fit into online social groups really easily, but she does stay honest to her virtues and is perceptive to calling bull when she sees it. The best shittalker to partner up with. Sometimes I wonder if she's talking about me.
LeeMy go-to convention buddy. She's the Genshin cosplayer to my certified "bagboy" title. A long-time real life friend, since my freshman year in highschool!
YanieOr as I call him, Yane Lane. One of the people I've met through ties to FNF creators, and he stuck around even when I dropped FNF as an interest publicly. He's like a big sister to me.
JackOne of the first friends I've made on Neocities. He's way more of an otaku than I am, it's almost embarassing. A member of the SpedGunch Server.
CakieMade mutuals with in a discord server, and migrated to Sped Gunch during the UGT#2 era. She's the worst to have around for a movie night. You usually go to her for good web graphics.A member of the SpedGunch Server.
HukeIncredibly compassionate guy, I can't say anything bad about him. Sometimes a total meathead, but he does it to make people laugh. He's the designated Splatoon gaming partner, but can also pull a mean heart-to-heart conversation. Think of it like the Moirail system from... nevermind.